A&A C5 and C6 Dual Pump Fuel System

We designed our secondary fuel system for both early and late models with ease of installation in mind. Our systems do not require dropping the tanks and complete drivetrain and will supply enough fuel for your 600 to over 1000 RWHP project. This can save 10 hours or more in labor costsalone.

NOTE: Choose your year accordingly.

Part DPFS-97 fits 1997-1999
Part DPFS-00-02 fits 2000  to early 2003 (to VIN 114930
Part DPFS-03-13 fits 2003 2013 (after VIN 114931)

Our dual pump system has both pumps built into a single housing making a single line in and out possible. The pumps can be Staged to actuate at different boost levels.

  • The system comes with preassembled stainless PTFE lines, two preassembled wire harnesses, two adjustable Hobbs switches, return regulator with polished mounting bracket, high capacity dual pumps, custom made pump mounting brackets, fuel line disconnect tool, drain hose to pump fuel from tank, filter and all necessary fittings. The system is E85 compatible.
  • Our lines are assembled using a 10,000# hydraulic press with heavy duty Stainless Steel crimp sleeves. Each hose is pressure checked at our facility before shipment.
  • Our pressure line snaps onto your factory fuel rail and factory fuel feed line with Russell quick connect fittings just like the OE lines. There is absolutely no fabrication of lines and fittings needed.
  • Both the fuel pressure and the boost level at which the pumps turn on are fully adjustable.* We heat shrink all our connections, use Weather Pack style connectors and genuine Hobbs pressure switches for reliability.
  • Pump flows 530 LPH or 140 GPH at 60 PSI fuel pressure.
  • This system is rated at 1200 HP at 60 PSI. For horsepower levels above this, we can simply add a Boost A Pump, or even 2 Boost A Pumps for extremely high horsepower applications.
  • The beauty of this system is that only the factory pump runs under most driving conditions. Running a secondary pump or dual in tank pumps full time only serves to heat up the fuel and cause its own set of problems. Those setups are also terribly annoying. Listening to a noisy fuel pump singing all the time will drive you nuts!
  • Our system is seamless and quiet. You’ll never hear the pump as it only comes on under boost, when it’s needed.