A&A C6 Corvette Ram Air Intercooler

Our intercooler works in conjunction with a complete radiator cavity enclosure. It has aluminum side panels that seal up against this aluminum enclosure and a replaceable ABS plastic duckbill to grab air and force it up into the intercooler core.

Just putting an intercooler in front of the radiator does little more than block the radiator. The factory shroud (that large plastic piece that slopes down from the top of the radiator to the front bumper) is removed, so what is there to force the air through the intercooler and radiator? Furthermore, with that shroud gone, what is there to stop the airflow from just going off into the fender wells on either side of the radiator as well as up into the bumper itself? The straight answer is NOTHING!

Ours is the ONLY system that looks at this problem and actually does something about it. We have CNC formed aluminum panels that seal this whole area off so the airflow is trapped in the radiator cavity and forced into the radiator and intercooler. The intercooler is mounted well away from the radiator and is fed fresh air via the ABS scoop (INCLUDED) located just behind and below the front fascia. This approach helps engine cooling tremendously.